Explore the Frontier Like Never Before

Welcome to Jetsam County

Immerse yourself in an epic adventure where the dusty trails of the Wild West meet uncharted celestial frontiers. In Jetsam County, cowboys and aliens clash in a thrilling narrative of survival and mystery.

Dive Into the Adventure of a Lifetime!

A thrilling drama set in 1800's when a space ship crashes into the Rockies.

At the time of westward expansion, The American Frontier, 1861 — a space ship crashes into the Rockies, changing the lives of those settled there forever.

  • Sheriff Clay Everdean swears to bring order to the new frontier full of critters, creatures, portals and guns:
  • an amnesiac hell beast born to track hunts for where on earth it belongs
  • a lovesick prospector and his colicky son sort through the space ship wreckage luck landed in their laps
  • outlaw Wesley Gorton schemes to reclaim the West from settlers and set it free and wild again
  • a shape-shifting critter scours the county for a powerful crystal clear as lake water
  • a bartered boy is brought into the Gorton gang and raised into legend
  • an orphaned girl with all the grit of her father and strength of her mother embarks on a treacherous journey

From hill folk to ranch hands, bandits and tribes, the characters of Jetsam fit together like clockwork, in this sprawling tale of morals, borders and villains. When good and evil meet with locomotive force, nothing will ever be the same.

About Christian Capozzoli

Christian is an actor, author and improviser from Rochester, NY. He has a B.F.A. in Writing from Emerson College and a Masters in Literature and Education from Harvard University.

He’s worked with top comedic voices in TV and Film, including Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, David Gordon Green, Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler. Credits include HBO’s GIRLS, Amazon’s RED OAKS, and Netflix’s THE WEEK OF and LEO.

Christian directed Amazon’s SOMETHING FROM NOTHING and worked alongside legendary instructors Charna Halpern, Mick Napier and Armando Diaz. He’s recognized as one of the top improv minds and instructors in the world. He’s been honored to teach and perform at almost every major improv comedy stage in North America and Europe and has appeared in over 50 festivals around the world.

His one-man show NUTSO-FACTO received rave reviews from the NY Times and toured North America and Europe.

Capozzoli spent 20 years in New York City where he performed weekly at UCBNY with Bucky, Take It Personal and as a featured storyteller on The Nights of Our Lives. He was also a founding member of the critically acclaimed 4Track, known for their high-octane shows and relentless agreement. He now calls LA his home where he is honored and grateful to be part of the Groundling’s Sunday Company.

Dive Into the Adventure of a Lifetime!