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I’ve been fortunate to train, work, and collaborate with improv legends and comedic directors: Mark Sutton, Mick Napier, Dan O’Connor, Randy Dixon, Charna Halpern, John Lutz, Christina Gausas, Kevin Dorf, Armando Diaz, and Karen Maruyama to name a few. I aim to give my students a well-rounded improv education steeped in celebration to help them become self-reliant, team-playing, fun-chasing improvisers.

Improv Courses Offered


Get familiar with the Aerodynamics of Yes techniques of improv. This is a course designed to help performers build upon prior improv training. It sets out to create a bedrock foundation for you as a self-reliant, team-playing, fun-chasing improviser. This is for improvisers who want a refreshing new slant on the way they play. Learn to advance and expand your ideas and weave them into rewarding scenes and narratives, with pronounced games.


Celebrate team play, while boosting your confidence as a solo performer. Endorse and cosign each other’s moves with immediate attack, and be fearless and reactionary. Get on your toes, out of your head and play. Awaken your sense of play and togetherness. Pre-requisite: Must have completed AERO


The 4Track form demands you rush the stage with confidence and connectivity. Ratchet, bounce and build scenes to a boil, then tumble into an avalanche of distilled and pithy callbacks. This form rejoices in bold choices, physicality, and split second agreement and celebration. Create tension, Take action, and explore characterization through wants, spine and choice.


Bring modulation, stakes and character clarity to your Monoscene. Use stage-craft and specificity to give torque and traction to your scene, explore the location and use it to fuel your discoveries and declarations. Play with fearless physicality and hairpin emotional shifts.


The Cats Cradle is abstract, amorphous and ever-changing, stirring themes, games, stories and characters into a thick soup of truth and humor. This form demands group ownership, bold choices, physicality, split-second agreement and attack.


Building strong characters starts the moment your foot hits the floor, not the moment you start “thinking.” This workshop will focus on the organic unfolding of a character based on that first step. More being…less thinking! Give your gameplay the torque it needs and take this workshop!


This course is for duo partners with prior improv/acting training. Make stronger choices, create intimacy with your partner, and develop a unique form. Empower yourself and your Duo partner with new techniques to create fearlessly and off one another.


Hone your ability to identify the game of a scene and blow it out to the Nth degree. Exercises are set to identify the premise, celebrate a central game, and attack it as an ensemble.

Coaching Class

Learn to be a better listener and a better teacher in this crash course that will help you seize a room, keep the tempo up, and design a curriculum that builds on its own momentum and has resonant cohesion through metaphor.

Coaching Class

Learn to be a better listener and a better teacher in this crash course that will help you seize a room, keep the tempo up, and design a curriculum that builds on its own momentum and has resonant cohesion through metaphor.

What my Students Say:

“You can feel his passion for improv as a craft within every explanation, exercise and laugh. Extraordinary & inspirational.”

Nelli Ko – Bremen, Germany

“Christian created a very special and respectful dynamic with precise and helpful feedback”
Britta Ive Bee – Mannheim, Germany
“Christian is the real deal. This is Ivy League improv instruction. He is lightning in an improvisational bottle.”
Alistair Cook – Vancouver, Canada
“Christian is a true inspiration! Always wise, funny and caretaking. He brings the word “play” into theater in a way that personally motivates me almost daily to continue improvising.”
Jens M. Wienand – Mannheim, Germany

“Christian Capozzoli could make Helen Keller a great improviser.”

Taylor White – Atlanta, Georgia
“Christian is a deeply insightful, creative, generous, and invested teacher. He’s an improv genius with the heart of a partying seven-year-old.”
Lisa Burnham – Los Angeles, USA

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Christian Capozzoli

Christian is an actor, author and improviser from Rochester, NY. He has a B.F.A. in Writing from Emerson College and a Masters in Literature and Education from Harvard University.
He’s worked with top comedic voices in TV and Film, including Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, David Gordon Green, Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler. Credits include HBO’s GIRLS, Amazon’s RED OAKS, and Netflix’s THE WEEK OF and LEO.