Aerodynamics of Yes

This book explores the Aerodynamics of Yes as an approach to celebrating one another, building ensemble and getting out of our heads and into our scenes. Good improv can seem magical, but let’s not make it more mystical than it is. Stop praying to the improv Gods and take responsibility for what you can control. Sweat the technique, be empowered by it, and understand the science and why it works. Then, trust in it, play confidently and be excellent to each other.

What Readers Are Saying

This book is just the tip of the iceberg. Christian is an out-and-out genius. We had him for a corporate workshop to help create synergy for our team and the results were mind-blowing. He had us on our feet and out of our heads celebrating each other and to this day we still use his language and methods to tap into the creative flow with one another.

Rico Colindres

Phoenix, USA
I have never met anyone with the sense of commitment that Mr.Capozzoli has… he gives much more than 100%.. ( I’m not stupid.. I know that’s not possible… but that’s the feeling). He burns with a passion for his work, is incredibly creative & supportive and has a wonderful eye for what is needed in the moment. I’m super glad I ran into him!!!

Andrew Wallace

Bremen, Germany
Christian taught me so much about improv teaching, coaching, teamwork, compassion, most of all comedy. His academic approach to improv and the details of how to finetune an improv player are amazing. He made me a stronger player and for that, I am forever grateful.

TJ Del Reno

New York, USA
Christian is one of the finest improv teachers i’ve worked with. His work with matching energies was a revelation, and his ability to explain his concepts clearly AND present exercises that get them into your body is exceptional. This is some of the easiest and most releasing improv I’ve ever done. And it’s of enormous benefit to improvisers and actors alike. I’m already incorporating his work into my improvisation classes for college theatre majors.

Dan Diggles

New York, USA
Christian has a gift when it comes to improv. His methods have taught me how to access characters using various parts of my body triggering emotions in ways I never thought possible.

Dawn Dai

Los Angeles, USA